A Few Home Maintenance Tips

Are you looking for the best home improvement tips? Well, if that is the case, then you have come to the right site. Today we have brought you simple but helpful plumbing, pressure washing and window cleaning tips.


To avoid plumbing issues in your home simply use the following tips.

• Only flush toilet paper and body waste. Any other material will block your toilet or the main sewage line

• Ensure that you drain the outside hose tap as well as the hose properly before the start of the winter season

• Do not cover the drain access areas with closets or carpets

• Confirm the level of water in your toilet by putting a few drops of food coloring. If it seeps through, know that your toilet is about to run dry

• Avoid pouring oil or grease down the drains because they are likely to clog over

• Use a hair strainer in your shower/ bath to prevent them from clogging because of hair

• Know the location of your main water valve so that you can deal with any breakdowns as soon as possible

• Avoid using chemical cleaners in your drains. Chemicals are caustic to pipes and can be harmful your pets, kids ,plumbers or even yourself

• Consider the idea of installing separate shut off valve in your fixtures to prevent the need to shutting down the entire water system during repair

• Clean your gutters to prevent them from clogging

• Before putting down floorboards, mark the location of pipes to avoid nailing them accidentally

• Check for cracks on any of the flat roofs in your home. You can buy a sealer so that you can close the leaks before they cause damage

• Use a professional service such as the team at Naples FL plumbers if you don’t fell like you would do a good job yourself with the plumbing work.

Pressure Washing
With the increased popularity of pressure washing, it is good to have some basic tips that will guide through the process of cleaning. If you are new to pressure washing, check out the following tips

• Choose the right nozzle before you start using the pressure washer. Most machines have interchangeable spray nozzles. One of the nozzles helps in lowering the pressure to draw the detergent while the other one allows you to rinse at high pressure.

• Shop for a pressure washer with an attachable foam bottle to avoid carrying a container everywhere you go

• Only use chemicals approved by the manufacturer of the pressure washer you are using

• Test the pressure washer by spraying a few feet from a specific point before you bring it to the surface you want to clean

• Think about what you want to clean before you embark on the process. In other words, you need to be very careful when cleaning around flowers, windows, postage boxes, vents and eaves among others.

• Pause before your rinse the object to give the detergent time to do its job. Rinsing the object immediately will not give you good results

• Again, if you fell you’re not up to the work then it would be a good idea to hire experts who can do the cleaning work for you. Pressure cleaning in Naples area is full of companies that have a good reputation that can help.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows can be one of the most daunting tasks for a newbie. There is no need to waste money all in the name of hiring someone to help you clean your windows because you can do it yourself. Some of the best tips that you can apply include

• Choose the right tool- you have to use professional squeegees, applicators and detergents among other tools to clean your windows. If you do not have the right tools, cleaning your windows will be the worst task you have ever performed in life

• Clean the scrubber (applicator) – ensure that you clean your scrubber, sponge, and porcupine or lamb wool applicator

• Watch out for the sun- Do not wash windows in direct sunlight. The rays from the sun can heat the glass thus causing streaking problems

• How to hold the squeegee- You should hold your squeegee at an angle in order to allow water to run down the windows. You can mimic the motion made by a snowplow

• Wipe the blade- you should wipe the rubber blade using lint free piece of cloth after every stroke. Using a wet squeegee will leave blade marks on the windows

• Use large volumes of water-While using the scrubber to wash your windows, you need to use lots of water to remove any dirty

• Wipe the edges of the windows- After you cleaning the windows, you will notice spots and water marks at the edges of the windows. To make your windows spotlessly clean, you need to take your ample time and wipe the edges with a lint free piece of cloth. And finally hire Naples window cleaners if you don’t want to do the work yourself. And make sure the window cleaning company is reputable. Do a web search and see if you see them all over the internet. For example if you search for SEO in Mokena you’ll see the the company has their Facebook page, their main site, their YouTube and their SEO in Mokena Twitter account all in Google. This is a good indication of a company who cares about their reputation.